Gerhart Gilmore Jr. Builder's Page

This page is a showcase for builders of the Gilmore Jr. kit.  All items used by permission.



Brent Hammel

Billings, Montana, USA

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Brent purchased a "Complete" Gilmore Jr. Kit and reports his build time as 10 hours.  He painted the chassis with polyurethane aircraft paint baked at 180 degrees F, color, FedEx Purple Jet Glo.


"The instructions, pictures and schematic are very well written, This amp kit is almost idiot proof." -- Brent Hammel

Brent Hammel plays a Strat through a V30 open back


John King

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

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John is the first person to have have built a Gilmore Jr. Kit.  Having never built a tube amp from scratch before, he agreed to the daunting task of building it from only the schematic and a few phone calls!  In the process, he wrote the excellent assembly manual for the kit.

John chose to build his Gilmore Jr. using a "donor" chassis from an old burned out SS amp that he had lying around.

Please visit John's website for more information.

John King's Gilmore Jr. Web Page




Eric Nelson

Kingman, Arizona, USA

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Eric built his Basic Gilmore Jr. Kit using a toasted Velocette as a donor chassis / enclosure.

He now calls it the "Nelocette"

"I put my Analogman modded SD1/808 in front of the amp and used my 2x12 cab...holy mother of god...mmmmmm yes...then my my wife and daughter came home..." -- Eric Nelson

Just The Amp

With SD1/808


Strat through a Weber Blue Dog

Carl Walker / Austen Duffy

Walsall, West Midlands. England

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Carl and Austen (Oz) bought "Basic kits and made their own chassis.  They did pretty well, don't you think?  They opted to use Fender style jeweled indicators with 6V bulbs wired in parallel with the heater string.

As it turns out, Carl is really the guy responsible for this kit in the first place.  He posted on alt.guitar.amps wondering if anyone had such a kit available, and from the ensuing discussion, the Gilmore Jr. was born.  Thanks, Carl, and nice job!!

Check out their website:

Pete Turley

Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Sound Clips

Pete built his Gilmore Jr. in 6 hours!  He didn't care to paint the chassis, so left it in the "chem film" condition it ships in.  The first two "stock" clips were recorded with the amp built stock, according to the schematic.  It was a bit too "tweed" for his taste, so I recommended a mod to give it a bit more of a gained up British flavor.  The mod consists of changing 1 cap, 2 resistors, and adding 1 cap.


Nice clips, nice webpage, nice job, Pete.

Check out Pete's website: